fragment 05

Victory day 2005,

May 9th is victory day, 60 years since Stalin personally defeated the germans with his fists of steel. Russia fought alone, the brits and Yanks were sitting in London drinking tea all the way through and the Molotov Ribbentrop pact never happened. this is what they are telling us
The streets are crawling with cops, from the 12 year old militia kids dragged out of the provinces to the Kalashnikov waving OMON swat teams, along Petrovka street there is a cop every ten yards and I haven't seen a single homeless guy for two weeks, every last one is likely in prison until the visitors have gone, or else they are riding cattle wagons to Vladivostok.
I know it means everything here, what happened 60 years ago, but it is difficult to avoid contempt when watching the powers that be preening themselves and offering this deceitful post imperial nostalgia to the people in compensation for their inability to run the place anything like a civilized country. The government has been paralyzed for over three years now, reforms have ground to a halt, the bureaucrats just rob everyone blind and never lift a finger to do the work they're paid for and everything that matters, schools, hospitals, the army either makes money in its own illegal way or sinks into disrepair.
But as ever it's the apathy of the population in the face of this madness that takes the breath away: how can they stand and watch their country fall to pieces like this, as though the flag wavers has a monopoly on love of Mother Russia. maybe, once more, it’s just how things are and were and will be, try to save anything beyond your front door and you’ll just end up in a world of shit.