A tribute to Malevich

They changed the daylight saving time, so now the clocks don’t jump forward in autumn. As a result the 4 hour time difference between GMT and Moscow means that when it’s 12 o'clock in London it’s 1976 in Moscow.

More to the point it’s still dark at 9am, like pitch dark and it really shouldn’t be, even here.

Why in God’s holy name they decided to do this is beyond me. Were there reindeer herders in Chukotka who hadn't quite time enough to get their deer tucked in before night fell? Were there Dagestani militants whose early morning terror attacks were disrupted by their long held fear of vampires? Or did Medvedev simply think that having being in power four years he ought to do at least one thing that someone might notice.

It also puts us 4 hours off from London and pisses off every businessman I speak to who’ve all ended up spending another hour in the office to do conference calls with Singaporeans and Irish coz everyone still swears by GMT.

It’s 8:45 as I write this and still dark, if I had a normal office job it would be that old thing where you got to work in pitch blackness and come home in the same, one more member of a be-suited community of the undead, and what for?