Thanksgiving January 2014.


Glory be to god for dimpled twins From Idaho.

And for the web that wafts them here, on angel wings of Javascript.

 Aye, God be thanked for Christians, for we are blessed.

   Nightly are we gifted

Prestigious front row tickets

For this theatre of the Stupid

To deliver us from boredom.


Thanks be that “Dawkwin’s” just recanted,  

And that Einstein was a churchman

And that quantum is a crystal from on high.


Give praise to him for his gift

Of idiots with crosses,

And with broken, angry logic

And those clinching misquotations

From dear old C. S. Lewis.

   Praise be, above all, for their jazz spelling improvisations as they lie for Jesus.

Glory be to god for dimpled twins from Idaho,

Or Irkutsk.