Urban Street Gangs

in Urban Fight AKA Street Gangs a man walks into a room and people Sprint at him and punch him: not once, not even a few times but constantly throughout the film. He punches them back and dropkicks then and hit's them  with bottles and chairs, veering between cowboy barroom brawls, mixed martial arts and Ninja stuff. But in each of these rooms, when he enters there are already people violently fighting each other everywhere,  sometimes these fights preclude his entrance for a minute or so, sometimes we follow him into the middle of them. Either way nothing is explained, nobody apparently has any motive whatsoever for beating others to death. If by chance anyone should find himself in an empty room he will punch walls and smash furniture.

They are Germans and it is all done in poor German English. No native speaker has looked over the script and pointed out where the language is clumsy and unnatural. This failing shows more because it is a fight film and everyone is supposed to be very hard and very cool, but speaks like lab technicians from old news reports about German technology.

"They say he won this tournament three times in succession."

"Then maybe it is time when even this is changing."

The hero, the one we are meant to identify with starts off wearing a 1970's hair metal fan out fit, faded denim, long poodle topped brown hair and a red head scarf, later on he seems to have developed close cropped hair and wears prison clothes, there may be a reason for this.  He looks disconcertingly like Thom Yorke, and a low budget German fight movie in which Thom Yorke speaks like a 70s German lab technician in what this is.

The film makers were short on money and ideas so his training montage lasts 20 minutes. There are three or four such montages, each of this length. Likewise they were short on friends so the heavies are largely played by their mates who look like teenage idiots. The few who look hard are constantly on screen.

This all happens in a run down post industrial town surrounded by beautiful countryside in which every resident male or female is a mixed martial arts specialist

He goes into a factory to fight a man, as he enters the other guy is randomly beating up co workers, the hero and he fight, when they take a rest the other starts beating up other people again, breaking one young woman's back, then suddenly everybody in the factory is beating everybody else in brutally balletic ninja fashion, for no reason whatsoever people are flying through windows, smashing into metal stands and slamming into walls. Then the hero gets up and starts attacking all of these people too, and the villain has never stopped attacking them. If the hero knocks the villain over whoever the villain was attacking immediately turns and attacks the hero. Everybody in every space is constantly brutally attacking every body else and no one ever questions why. This is absolutely accurate, without comic exaggeration or even any sense that we are watching some metaphorical treatment of a futile battle for life. Somewhere a German shouted fight, and everybody did till the battery on his cheap camera ran down.