Gone wrong



They’ve gone really fucking elsewhere now: we’re done with the pretending to be a normal country routine and have just given up. Civilization? Rule of Law? Nah, sorry we just couldn’t manage it Now we’re aiming to be the The tea party with nukes

I made a video call to the boy today, with mother in law sitting in the background watching the evening news.

What’s on? I ask.

“She’s watching the terrorists in Ukraine.” He says, turning the tablet and showing me the screen. It’s that clip of protesters retreating under lethal sniper fire.

“Terrorists” That’s the story on prime time Russian TV.

One guy explains that Russia must help them to stop the ongoing genocide, that’s right “Genocide”


I know it can seem that Bush started this stuff off, or at least this latest wave, and that gave every bastard under the sun the cover to slaughter folks, but this is starting to look horribly like something much older. This is Conrad and anarchists in London, Tsarists officers and Raskalnikovs with Kalashnikovs, cold eyed Kremlin maniacs ablaze with notions of holy Russian souled destiny.  

Any Russian who objects to anything that is done by the state is clearly under the influence of sinister foreign agents: because they couldn’t possibly be thinking for themselves. Likewise with Ukrainians or Georgians: the very notion that these people might want to do this shit for themselves is bewildering to the werewolves in the Kremlin,

They have fucking hells angels for god’s sake, powering their way down to Crimea, bikes loaded up on trains coz they must have bad backs by now. They got bus loads of thugs whose only political programme is “referendum” For who? For what? They have no idea, some deputy stuck them on a bus 6 hours ago and told them to go break heads and shout “referendum” at scared old ladies in Kharhkhiv.

And everyone is a fascist now: that name calling idiocy that used to be the preserve of angry 80’s radicals seems now to be standard operating procedure for voices on any side of the issues.

It’s official: Russia has gone totally wrong, again.