Doomed I tells Ya, doomed

As conflict looms the internet becomes hysterical, the cyber sages struggle to cram every new random twist and turn into their tottering narratives of the way shit really is. Twitter seems to be staffed by bloodthirsty carrion crows and entering the guardian comments section is best left to Orpheus, or perhaps Mobius.

The Kremlin’s human spambots are cackling and screeching in their usual demented fashion, the half literate ex army halfwits, usually American, are sneeringly deconstructing each other’s icily grim predictions of how the killing will pan out while every bonehead and his uncle are desperate to explain how none of it is anything besides the hellish suffering of those cursed enough to be living in CAMERON’S BRITAIN or the FASCIST REPUBLIC OF OBAMASTAN. (The Brits are just as bad now: the garden centre must have been closed this morning)

And the certainty is spectacular. No one has any doubt at all regarding the question of who is to blame, who’s gonna win and why that’s exactly how it should be. Everything that happens is the clanging, irrefutable truth of whatever it was they had been saying all along.

All of a sudden everyone is an expert and everyone is a historian who knows everything about Ukraine and Russia. Men in bad suits who have read far too many spy novels appear on 24 hour news channels where they pronounce Putin’s name wrongly, then shake their heads in solemn acknowledgment of the sorrowful truths they have been called upon to bear.

Go to the agencies, serious newspapers, reliable media or talk to ordinary people and it’s all humming and hah-ing and hesitant guesswork, but look at the comments section and everything has been figured for at least a decade and all that remains is to reveal the truth.

This is how people end up hating democracy and free speech I imagine.

Facts are no longer relevant; there is no objective reality, only accusations of fascism and genocide. Hitler is everywhere; when I was a kid people told me that we should never forget what had happened in the death camps. It had never occurred to them to wonder how it would be if everyone remembered it every time someone disagreed with them.

Even Wingnut Windsor is at it now.